Important Days & Dates 2020 : List of Important National & International Days to Remember in December

There are several Important Days to Remember in the Month of December. Some are them are not that famous, but there are some famous days in December. There is are certain trick to remember important days and Important Dates. Some of them are National Days and some of them are International Days celebrated all around the world. 

GK Notes For Competetive Exams . Important Days in December

Important Days 2020: Famous Days in December

Let's see what are the Important Days and Dates in 2020 you should remember:

Important Days of December 2020

Name of the Events


World Aids Day

1 December

National Pollution Day

2 December

World Handicapped Day

3 December

Indian Navy Day

4 December

Indian Armed Force Flag Day

7 December

Human Right Day

10 December

International Mountain Day

11 December

World Energy Conservation Day

14 December

Vijay Diwas

16 December

National Minorities Day

18 December

Goa’s Liberation Day

19 December

National Mathematics Day

22 December

Kisan Diwas

23 December

National Consumer Day

24 December

Christmas Day

25 December

December 1: World AIDS Day

This year, the global theme of World AIDS Day is “Communities make the difference” emphasizing that we are all members of our communities and that we can gain important support from those communities. Much of the progress that has been made in tackling the HIV epidemic is thanks to the tireless work of communities.


December 2: National Pollution Control

National Pollution Control Day is observed per annum on December 2. The behind motive is the people who lost their lives within the incident of Bhopal gas tragedy which is occurred on this day in the year 1984.


December 3: World Day of the Handicapped

The international day of disabled people was claimed in 1992, by the UNGA resolution 47/3. These days aim to market an understanding of disability issues and give them support for the dignity, give respect a being well the person who disables.


December 4: Indian Navy Day

Indian Navy day is well known as  Commemoration of Operation Trident, the attack launched by the during 1971's Indo-Pak war. It was for the primary time that an anti-ship missile was utilized in the operation.


December 7: Indian Armed Forces Flag Day

The Indian soldiers' Flag Day is celebrated  per year  on December 7 since 1949 to honour the soldiers, airmen and sailors of India who fought on the borders to safeguard the country's honour. It is each a day dedicated to the collection of funds from people for the welfare of the soldiers' personnel.


December 10: Human Rights Day

All people deserve respect and their own rights. why to honour 10 December when the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of human rights. This was one of the first major achievements of the United Nations.


December 11: International Mountain Day

 International Mountain Day is observed on 11th December. It was designated by the United Nations General Assembly in 2003.


December 14: World Energy Conservation Day

Spread a global awareness about the importance of energy consumption and its use  in our day by day life, its scarcity and its impact on the sustainability of global ecosystems.


Important Days in December

December 16: Vijay Diwas

16 December, this day in Indian History plays an important role in the Indo-Pakistani war in 1971. At the Indo-Pak war, Indian military won the war over Pakistan, and hence this day in Indian history is 16 December is known as Vijay Diwas.


December 18: Minorities Rights Day (Indian)

Minorities Rights Day was observed on 18 December 2013 across the state to make awareness on the rights of minorities.

Minorities Rights Day is widely known on 18th December per annum. The day is celebrated to protect the rights of the minority communities as well as bringing better understanding among religious minorities in India.


December 19: Goa's Liberation Day

Goa's Liberation Day is an important day celebrated on 19 December in Indian History. Goa's Liberation Day is celebrated to honour the Indian army forces who helped to free goa, from the Portuguese on 19 December 1961.

December 22: National Mathematics Day

National Mathematics Day is an important day celebrated on 22 December in Indian History. Every year, the country celebrates National Mathematics Day to commemorate the birth anniversary of Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan. 

December 23: Kisan Divas (Farmer's Day) (India)

One of the Most Important Days in Indian History is Kisan Divas or Farmer's Day. This day is important for Kisans, India stands upon them. Kisan Diwas on 23 December to celebrate the birth anniversary of the fifth prime minister and Kisan leader Chaudhary Charan Singh.

December 24: National Consumers Day

Every Year on 24 December National Consumer Day is observed with a selected theme in India. On this day in Indian History, the president approved the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 in order to protect the interests of the consumers. This year the National Consumer Day is widely known with the theme “Timely Disposal of Consumer Complaints”. 


December 25: Christmas Day

This is the day when Jesus' birth, the day known as Christmas day, everyone celebrates that day with cake and Christmas tree. This is also a religious culture celebrated all over the world.

These were some Important days in Indian History as well as some Famous days in December basis both National and International. 


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